7Day/2aDay challenge: DAY 2 (Is Dan becoming a tele-evangelist?)

Posted: September 17, 2006 by Daniel in difficulties, e-challenge, telephone evangelism, witness encounters

We went to City Park and cruised around and fed the ducks and watched the monkeys. The weather was overcast and we probably left it too late in the day (a recurring theme). There weren’t a lot people around – there were a few here and there but I wussed out of it. I don’t really know why, but I just couldn’t get the never to approach people.

Next stop was the supermarket on the way home, just gave the checkout lad a million dollars – he was very excited about it. Oh, yeah, that reminds me, we also gave a tract to the drive-through at Hungry Jacks at lunch time (Ok is that revealing too much information on my diet?)

So I ended up being at home at 5pm and had not yet witnessed to anyone. I thought to myself that I could just wimp out completely and confess to everyone on my blog that I failed today. But accountability is a cruel master. No! I mustered up all my courage (and it took all that the Lord would give me) and called 3 numbers from the phone book (one ended up being an answering machine for a podiatrist.)

The first was a man who sounded like he was in his 50’s and I caught him just going out the door so he could only give me a minute (I could hear his mate rushing him to go). I had do go straight into the law because I had no time. Also, I realised that is pretty much what you have to do if you are cold call evangelising. He thought that he could justify his lying, etc as it was not that bad because there are all sorts of lies. In the short discussion that followed he mentioned ‘confession of sins’ so I think there was some sort of Catholic background coming out. I left him still being self-righteous.

The next turned out to be an elderly lady who was 87. As I explained who I was and why I was calling She had to get down from her walking frame to continue our conversation. I took her through some of the commandments and she honestly believed that she had never broken any of them. She also added that she had worked at hospitals on went on listing all the community service work she had done in her lifetime. I came out and said:
“You must have broken God’s law at some point for the bible itself say that there is no-one that is righteous and no-one who seeks after God…. that is why Christ died on the cross, you need the righteousness of Christ”
She didn’t really like me saying that and became negative and quickly asked to finish our call.

So there you go. Day 2 gets a big tick. I achieved the task – even if it was a bit un-orthodox. Telephone evangelism is quite interesting. I kind of felt a bit like doing an open air. By its very nature you have to jump right into it.

Hey I have a challenge for you: Why not do what I did just once. I opened up the phone book to a random page and placed a local call to someone. I said “Hi, my name is Daniel Chapman and I live in Launceston. I just flipped open the phone book and called your number and was wondering if I could have a couple of minutes to ask you some spiritual questions, from a Christian perspective…?”

You might be really surprised. You might even make it a habit on a certain night per week or something. The bonus is that it is really quick. I was able to get people thinking about their position before God in 5 minutes, then you hang up and go on with your evening. What is the worst that could happen? I think that this whole “but you might offend them by your manner and methods” thing is a pretty lame excuse. PEOPLE WILL BE OFFENDED BY THE MESSAGE NO MATTER WHAT! Jesus said it would happen! Why are we so surprised? We don’t want to necessarily add to people offence, but I think its going to be offensive no matter what – unless we choose to water down the actual message and give an erroneous message!

Ok, this is a pretty harsh rant from me and not normally like me. I am not going to bother going back to correct it either.

Am I way off? It is possible. Let me know your thoughts.



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