Is There A Hell, and if so…?

Posted: September 21, 2006 by Daniel in theology

Hello there! This is my first guest posting on Daniel’s blog, so I will try to make it worthwhile for you. I am Daniel’s wife, and here’s what I have been wondering about this week…

On Sunday I heard a sermon preached in which the preacher stated that he believes that Australians think that God is going to judge them. Hmmmmm, I thought, I am yet to meet anyone who actually thinks that. In my (admittedly limited) experience, everyone I have asked has thought that even if there is a hell, and they have broken God’s laws, He will turn a blind eye to their sins because He is loving. They think God will not judge them because there are plenty of worse people than them, and He loves them, right? How could a loving God send anyone to hell? So the first of my questions for you to consider is: “Do Australians think that God is actually going to judge them or not?” If you don’t know, let’s get out there and ask them, tell them you’re researching for a blog. Then tell them about the wrath to come.

What wrath? I was reading 1 Thessalonians the other night and chapter 1 verse 10 states very clearly that Jesus saves us form the wrath to come. That would be judgement and hell. So my next question for you is: “Do you believe in hell?” If not, why not? Jesus talked about it more than heaven, yet most people are happy to believe in heaven and leave out the hell bit. My challenge to you is to read everything you can in the scriptures about hell, particularly in the gospels, and decide. Please remember that if we take one doctrine and believe it and reject others then we are starting to make an idol, we are no longer believing in the God of the bible. If you make up a god to suit what you are comfortable believing you are breaking the second commandment.

If there is a hell, that has huge implications for all your unsaved family and friends, neighbours, people you meet every day, maybe even you.

Posted By Angela


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