3rd Party Evangelism

Posted: October 26, 2006 by Daniel in eavesdrop evangelism

I like to ask Christians what they would say if they had someone come up to them and ask them what they need to do to become a Christian. The most common answer is, “I’d invite them to Church.”
I reply with “OK then, how about it they also said they only have 3 minutes to live.”
They then reveal what they believe it is to be a Christian. I always try to show them that it all comes down to repentance and faith.

This week I was on a bus, seated with another Christian just behind the bus driver. I knew that he was listening to our conversation when he looked at his watch when we were both discussing how long it would take to reach our destination. I decided to talk to this Christian guy and took him through my questioning. I corrected his thinking – it was not just that we mealy believe in Christ, but that we actively repent of our sin which merits the wrath of God on judgement day.

I sort of felt that the bus driver heard us but I never got an opportunity to talk with him.


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