Evangelism at Church

Posted: November 26, 2006 by Daniel in witness encounters

Just got home from Church. Have you ever considered sharing the law and good news to people in your Church? Today I took up a wonderful opportunity to talk to a couple up the back at the end of church. They had their bags in hand and were keen to get going when I stopped them. When they said that they were not Christians, I quickly went through the good test and showed them their need for righteousness on Judgement Day. They were going though Christianity Explained with my pastor but appreciated what I had to tell them. I later spoke with my pastor and he encouraged me to keep on evangelising.

In another conversation with a man I had an opportunity to share the gospel in some depth. He did not believe in God but came along to Church each week to support his wife. I was able to pick up on this in his answers to my questions and use some analogies to show him that to have a creation there must be a creator. We also discussed the evidence of his conscience – God’s law was written on his heart and he knew right from wrong. Please pray for this guy (whom I have not named) that God will help him see the truth of the Gospel and be able to respond in repentance and faith. Also pray for the new couple that heard both a top message about Christianity from the pastor today and a gospel presentation from me.

SO there you go – be encouraged to go a little deeper with people in your church. Don’t assume that they are already Christians. They might just be sitting there waiting for someone to tell them the gospel or answer their objections. If you haven’t done any evangelism for a while this could be a great place to start.


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