Evangelising Jehovah's Witness Doorknockers

Posted: November 28, 2006 by Daniel in cults

Watchtower Society HQ

This is a comment which Nathan recently made on an old posting that you might miss. I think it is really useful information that you need to have. Well done Nathan, keep up the great work!


“I had an hour-long discussion with a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses who came to my house this morning. The guy who started talking seemed to be ‘in training’. When I challenged his message of the need for Christ’s death + good works as both necessary for salvation, the other guy, seemingly a JW guru, took over for the remaining 55 minutes. Thankfully, I’ve read about and had a bit of practice in talking with JWs about their discrepancies (to say the least!) in their understanding of Christianity. During our conversation we were able to discuss most of the differences between orthodox Christian belief and the teaching of JWs. Here is a (very) brief outline of some of what JWs believe:-

  • God is not a Trinity-
  • Jesus is not fully divine and not co-equal with the Father (Jehovah)-
  • The Holy Spirit is not God either; rather ‘it’ is a force-
  • Jesus was pre-existent as the arch angel Michael-
  • There is no eternal damnation in Hell-
  • Good works must accompany the death of Jesus for salvation

I was able to challenge him on most of these points and a few others. The difficult thing is that they are programmed by the Watchtower institution to not listen to people, nor are they to interpret the Bible for themselves (the Watchtower people do this for them).
The good thing was that the three of them were able to hear the gospel (there was a little kid with them too). Another good thing was that I held them up for an hour, which is an hour less of JW teaching being promoted.
Hopefully this guy will come back (he said he had to go and ‘meet someone’, but that he’d return next weekend).
A few basic tips on how to deal with JWs

  • Don’t invite them in (2 John 10-11)-
  • Know your Bible-
  • Pray-
  • Read a good book on the cults (Fritz Ridenour’s “So What’s the Difference” is a good start)-
  • Know what JWs (and Mormons) teach-
  • Have nothing to do with them if you don’t know how to correct them.”
  1. blessed1 says:

    Thank you for the good advice! That helps me figure out some of their mystery.

  2. I had a lenghty discussion with a JW on my old version of Evangelism Action that is worth checking out if you want to hear some of their strongest arguments.

    They are very knowlegable of certain scriptures but are so blind to the truth of the bible. They read the bible (with alterations) but don’t see what is clearly there – Jesus is God! They have severy other errors as well.

  3. blessed1 says:

    I will check it out. I like that you pointed out not to engage in their activity unless you’re able to have the knowledge of the scripture behind you. I read the bible at night, but have trouble memorizing. I will have to brush up on my memorization skills.

  4. middleman777 says:

    Hello, I hope I can offer some more assistance/advice to you with talking to JW’s. I like also what you had to say.

    There’s many ways to witness to a witness. There’s no particular formula however.

    There’s certain doctrinal topics that the typical Christian wants to argue with the average JW about. Doctrines such as Hellfire,Trinity, Immortal soul, etc are well studied by JW’s, many times more than your average born again Christian. The WBTS has been smart on making “answer books” that help them to determine what to say. Some of these are “Insight on the Scriptures”, “Reasoning from the Scriptures”, “What Does The Bible Really Teach”, and the “Aid to Bible Understanding”, etc etc.

    Much of the time, unless they have some sort of doubt about the Governing Body or the society itself, your well planned Bible “stumper questions” will be easily avoided and dismissed due to circular reasoning.

    If they can be shown how Bethel has lied to them on various doctrines (from their own publications), then they’re forced to reason on their own without the help of an “answer book”.

    They don’t have a ready made answer to why they were associated with the UN for 10 years (a big no no), and other political entities such as ANCA, OSCE, CESNUR and why they
    have had stocks with companies that make weapons for the US government (RandCam), and why they have had dealings in the occult (with Johannes Greber, the Masons, a demon possessed editor-for one of their older publication series), and why they invented and sold/peddled a occultic device (similar to a Ouija Board) up until the 50’s, and why they misquote their own publications with newer ones etc.

    I humbly submit my blog to you as a reference on what I just posted. Here’s the link below…


    There should be well enough information to give you a good head start. I’m adding to it all the time.


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