Doing the one thing you can't do in Heaven

Posted: January 14, 2007 by Daniel in Christianity, encouragement, evangelism, street evangelism, Way of the Master, witness encounters

One thingListening to Mark Cahill’s book (OTYCDIH) has been such a blessing to me in my ministry. I have found it a great next step in application of the Way of the Master teaching. Mark has taught me many useful things that helped me in my evangelism yesterday.I now understand that the only way to lose in doing evangelism is to not do it. I already knew that the purpose of evangelism was to glorify God, but Mark showed me that it is also a win because seed is being sown. He reinforced the reason to TELL the gospel and not merely try to ‘preach’ through our lifestyle – Romans 10v14-17. Mark also impressed on me the importance of going to EVERYONE with the gospel. I have the habit of subtly choosing who I will go to. No, we must go.

Yesterday I took and hour of my day to go down to my local mall and do some evangelism. I prayed that God would soften the hearts of those I was going to talk to. I had took my tracks out of my pocket and held them in my hand. As I entered the mall 2 guys were sitting on a bench busily texting on their mobiles. I introduced myself and had a refreshing conversation with them. Their names were Ash and Ben and they had not been to Church for ages but were planning to go today. They were not sure about salvation so I took them through the 10 commandments and then showed them how God’s wrath must be taken by someone or they will have to endure it forever, and the only person able is Jesus. I told them to do this by repenting and forsaking sin and trusting completely in Jesus for salvation. They were both encouraged and had not understood the message before our meeting. Looking back on this now I can see that it was clearly and answer to prayer that we met.I left the guys with some encouragements and walked down the mall.

The next guy I saw with some time on their hands was in the Donut King. I hesitated, because he was old and looked a bit strange, but then remembered how the Gospel is meant to be preached to everyone so I went over and awkwardly started a conversation. I explained that I was a Christian and came to talk about what happens when we die. I then swung back into the natural and spent a while asking about things that were important to him. He liked the cricket that he played when he was younger (he looked over 60yo) but not the game as it is played today. I probed and found out quite a bit about his experiences. I then got a chance to talk about our coming death and judgement. He felt that his conscience was ‘pretty clean’  and that we was a good person – no worse than anybody else. His name was Peter. If you are a Christian, please pray for him that God will open his heart and mind to the light of the gospel.

I left the mall handing out a couple of tracts. One guy gave it back to me after reading it, but I know that it was a winning encounter because God was glorified and I get a reward in heaven (that sounds selfish but if Jesus did not want us to have that motive he would not have made it a focus of his teaching. Anyway, the reward will not be monetary; the reward is Jesus! Did you know that God is glorified by our enjoyment of him?)So that was a fruitful hour. If you are a Christian you should feel encouraged by the recount of what God can do with us and go and do likewise – TODAY!  

  1. Dizzy says:

    Hey Daniel, may God continue to use you in sowing seeds. I am very much encouraged to see Christians that use the law to show the need for Christ. I have read way of the master, and have become more and more confident that it is the biblical way to do evangelism.

    I have felt exactly how you felt, in regards to choosing which people to approach to evangelize. A few times it’s bothered me. However, occasionally, the love of God causes me to approach homeless or strange-looking/intimidating people more boldly. For me anyways, when I know the love of God I show the love of God when I evangelize. God bless.

  2. Thanks Dizzy.

    Your words are encouraging to me also. I like your blog and comments on a few other posts too.

    Lets keep preaching and glorifying God to the end of the race!


  3. blessed1 says:

    Thank God for men like you, who are not afraid to reach out. I’m more of a writer, than a speaker. I am bold with my faith, but not bold enough to walk and talk to strangers.
    by the way…just prayed for Peter.

  4. Hey, thanks so much Blessed,

    I do, however, have to share that I get very scared when I go up to a stranger. It’s a very unnatural thing for me to do. I can also wuss out sometimes our just plain procrastinate. Just the other day I went out the grocery store for food with tracts in my pocket and came home with every tract. I didn’t even give one to the check-out lady or put on in the window of cars in the car park.

    I am still learning to be courageous doesn’t mean that I will lose my fears. Some things that really help me are:
    1. Feeding on the Word

    2. Enjoying God

    3. Thinking about the eternal condition of others if they don’t trust Jesus.

    4. Thinking about the reward in heaven: Jesus saying “well done good and faithful servant”.

    5. Making a commitment to evangelise – set an achievable goal, e.g.: 1 hr of witnessing; witness to 2 people a day, etc.

    6. Re-training – go over the basics of biblical evangelism again.

    7. Memorise key scriptures (and their references) that could be useful in witnessing.

  5. blessed1 says:

    Keep me updated on your progress. One idea I had was to approach my church to make labels for bottled water, so that when I see panhandlers on the corners…I can hand them the ‘living water’ instead of a dollar that would go toward their fire water. I think putting a few scriptures on their would at least make them think as they thirst.

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