Airport Evangelism

Posted: January 25, 2007 by Daniel in encouragement, evangelism, Way of the Master, witness encounters

Airplane wingDaniel and I had a lovely weekend trip to Melbourne last weekend. The flight to Melbourne takes about an hour, so it’s a great opportunity to witness to a neighbour on the flight. It’s always a bit scary isn’t it? If you start out with the witnessing straight away and you get a bad reaction, you’re in for a very tense flight if it’s much longer than an hour. However, it’s not too bad if it’s just an hour right? And you can be pretty sure they haven’t got sharp objects they could hurt you with anywhere on their person! So we struck up a perfectly delightful conversation with a young surgeon we were sitting with. We got through the law and the gospel, and learned a bit along the way:

1. Medical training involves being taught that evolution is true (!!!!!). Not sure how the complexity of the human body can be explained other than by intelligent design, it seems nonsensical to me, but there you go…

2. There is no guarantee that a child attending a christian primary school will ever hear the gospel. This guy had a baptist primary school experience but had no idea what the gospel was about whatsoever.

3. Don’t be afraid to press the point. Several times during the conversation I had to press various points, like sin, judgement and hell. Amazingly to me, it didn’t worry him to be dragged back to these topics at all. I’ve never been quite that dogged in a witness encounter before, so it was a real leap of faith for me, but God was glorified, and what a great result.

No idea whether he has repented, but he thanked us for talking to him about it all, and was going to think about it all, read the bible and try to find what is true. I don’t think we could have asked for better than that.

So don’t be scared, and take every opportunity that comes your way. Particularly when someone is stuck with you for an hour or so! What’s the worst thing that could happen, they think you’re a nut? Their worst case scenario is eternity in hell, I think it’s a chance worth taking.

  1. Dizzy says:

    Hey, glad to see you’re still out witnessing. 🙂 Our pastor this week preached about praying for more laborers.

    If a person talks about investigating truth, I would encourage them to do so, however I also remind them that the real reason they question God is because of sin. I would gently tell the unbeliever that the bible says God is evident through creation. Thus, I would tell the unbeliever that he really knows the truth, but choses to reject it, because inwardly, he doesn’t want to give up his life of sin.

    Sometimes I add my testimony, pointing out that I was using evolution as an excuse, and that even after exploring Christianity, one must still give up their life and repent to follow Christ.

    Are you familiar with presuppositional apologetics? I really think that the principles of Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master as well as Greg Bahnsen’s book Always Ready, is an extremely biblical (and hence effective) combination for outreach.

    Anyways, it’s always a blessing to see the work you’re doing. God bless.

  2. Dizzy,

    No, I had not heard of Bahnsen – I will check him out. Thanks

  3. Asonia says:

    Hi Angela and Daniel,
    I wasn’t sure how else to contact you so here I am winging it on your website, hoping you read your comments. I am not sure where you have been attending services on Sundays, you may still be at St. Barnabas, Kevin and I however have been attending St. John’s. It would be lovely to see you there, just for one service or two. The children are enjoying Stepping Stones and they have the glassed in creche area for the little ones. I have met your Mum Daniel and she is truly lovely! Anyway, I just wanted to invite you along, just to catch up and see how everything is going with your family. I am missing the St. Barnabas family but we have to put our children first and Kevin and I think we have made the right choice for our family with St. John’s. I hope your pregnancy is coming along well Angela, won’t be long now. Take care and try and get some rest, it’s not always so easy with a 2 year old, you would be kept very busy. It would be nice to see you if you decide to come along sometime. “God Bless” Asonia Rice.

  4. Angela says:

    Hi Dizzy,
    You’re right about what you say. We did go through all of this with the guy in question. Creation, conscience, the law, what the bible says, lots and lots of nitty gritty stuff I didn’t mention earlier. It was a long converstation, and the interesting thing was how little this guy had heard about God. He wasn’t trying to red herring us at all, he just had heaps of questions, and wanted to make sure that he was finding the “right” god out of all that is out there. It was refreshing not to have to untie the old universalist knot, he could easily accept that not everyone can be on the true path.
    I hadn’t heard of Bahnsen either, thanks for that one. My apologetics are mostly what I have picked up listening to Todd Friel on Way of the Master Radio, and listening to Ray and co do lots of witnessing, once again through the radio show. For anyone who isn’t familiar with it, the podcasts can be downloaded free from

  5. Thanks Asonia,

    We had planned to pop in to St John for a visit. We are still surveying a few pastors and have not yet decided on our new Church home.

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