"Excuse me, can you please witness to me?"

Posted: March 17, 2007 by Daniel in Christianity, evangelism, retail evangelism, tracts, witness encounters

Well, that wasn’t the exact question; it was something like:”Excuse me mate, it looks like your money is about to fall out of your back pocket”.

I had just walked in to a new Indian take-away and was standing at the counter. I had forgotten that I put a couple of ‘million dollar’ tracts in my rear pocket (the tracts are quite long and stick out). I told him that it wasn’t actually money, but a gospel tract – this led straight into an opportunity to give him the tract and then share the gospel with him. The guy had a Catholic upbringing but said that he really appreciated what I had to say but added “each to their own” (a way of declining to do anything about what I said).

The best thing about this encounter was that it was how it happened without me intending to do it. I was just pretty much focused on getting my curry and leaving. I wasn’t even in an ‘evangelism mode’.

What did I learn? Always keep a crazy tract visible! Always stay switched on.

  1. rjperalta says:

    Hi Daniel,
    So true. We must always be ready. We cannot turn it on and off at our choosing. Wherever there are people there are needs. By His Spirit we are led.

    Much Grace to you,

  2. Pastor Chris says:

    Keep going. Would you do anything different as you’ve reflected on the conversation?

    Pastor Chris

  3. Probably try to further address the difference between the Catholic and biblical gospel. Also I need to think of a more appropriate way of responding when people say “whatever you believe is OK”

  4. blessed1 says:

    This is pretty amazing. You never know when you’ll plant a seed. That my come back to him one day, and he’ll remember what you shared with him. Read my lastest blog and let me know what you think.

    in Christ,

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