Evangelism Tract – Frequent Sinner Card

Posted: June 10, 2007 by Daniel in Christianity, evangelism, resources, tracts

Here is an evangelism tract for you to copy and past into a word document.
It fits on an A4 page and folds down to Frequent Sinner Card size.

It was made by some friends of mine. Let please post a comment about what you think of the tract. We want to make something like this and take it to the printers to make it glossy and slick. Please feel free to copy this and distribute freely.

Frequent Sinner Card


Dear Frequent Sinner,

Each sin you commit earns you an Eternal Debt of punishment payable in full upon your death to the One you owe it to. God.

Who is God? Your creator. The maker and sustainer of all things. The Holy God who has given us a set of rules and principles (laws) to live by found in His word the Bible, and set out in the ten commandments. God is watching all that we do, knows all that we think and hears all that we say. God is perfect, good and just. God is all powerful.

What is sin? Sin is when you disobey God’s instructions and commandments by failing to do what he has told you to do or doing what he has said is wrong. Lying, stealing, coveting, sleeping around, swearing, blaspheming, getting drunk, hurting and hating others are all sins. If you have broken one commandment God says you have broken them all. You are guilty and you are going to have to be punished.

What is the debt we owe? Sinning against a Holy, infinite and eternal God is no small matter. Each time we do it we put ourselves into more debt than we previously had. The debt is going to be paid by you (and all people) upon the moment of your death for all eternity. It is never ending painful punishment in what Jesus describes as a lake of fire and separation from God’s light and life and goodness in a black and bleak existence of despair and torment. Hell is what we earn and Jesus spoke about it as a real, spiritual and physical condition for all the enemies of God.

What can you do about all this? Read on. If you know this is true and you are worried about the prospect of facing God when you die then you are in a good state to hear the good news.

The good news is that God didn’t leave humans without hope. There is a way out. There is someone who can wipe the debt that sinners have earned. He lived a perfect life – never sinned. He was nailed on a cross to suffer hell in the place of sinners. He soaked up all of God’s anger and punishment for the sins of all His people – each one of them a desperate, debt ridden sinner like you. He died and was able to take up His life again to prove that he had fully paid the debt owed to God for the sins of His people. He is Jesus. He says to all people everywhere. Repent – hate your sin and make every effort to stop doing it, and believe – Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He is the one that you need to take away the debt of your sin through his sacrifice, give you righteousness through His perfect life and give you guidance through his truth the Bible.

With God’s justice satisfied and the price for sin payed, believers can have full assurance that they will be forgiven for their sins past, present, and when they slip up in the future. No more hell. No more guilt. Life!
“How do I know if I am a believer?” you may ask.
In his word to us – The Bible – God tells us that like a shepherd calling his sheep, when we hear the good news of forgiveness through Christ, and we recognise the truth, we follow the voice of the shepherd because we already belong to Him.
But frequent sinner – this offer ends soon! In the Bible God tells us all
“Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.”

For more information talk to the person who gave you this card.
Conditions don’t apply. For full details see God’s words to you in the Bible.

  1. Duffman says:

    Hey Daniel,

    I have been told of you through Josh(my brother in law). You have certainly given me a blog to regularly read!!

    Carry on soldier, this is very encouraging and timely for me!


  2. Thanks Zac,

    Kind words are always appreciated here.

    What did you think of the Frequent Sinner Tract? I really like that it has a good balance of depth and readability and it also has a theme/metaphor that it uses consistently.

  3. Loretta says:

    I love this tract. Frequent sinner! I love it! Readable, has a theme, and tells the gospel clearly and boldly. I like to write my own tracts, as well; just print them and hand them out. Thanks for making this available; it is good.
    love, Loretta Gospel messages here:

  4. Hi Loretta,

    I appreciate your ‘tract blog’: what a great idea. Very good work too.

    I am going to add some tracts to my pages like you have done so that they are permanantly available at the top of this blog.

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