Jesus all about life

Posted: August 11, 2007 by Daniel in Christianity, evangelism, religions and beliefs

The following 3 ads will be screening on Tasmanian TV in Sept/Oct as part of the Jesus all about life campaign.

One ad targets middle aged Australians

Another ad targets Australian youth

The final ad targets Families

hmmm. please comment

  1. This is a quick email that I sent to Jesus All About Life website contact in response to a massive oversight that I noticed on their website:


    I am a Christian in Tasmania and we are preparing to use the JAAL campaign next month.

    I looked at the national website and I am deeply concerned. You have absloutley no gospel presentation or any effort to link to a gospel presentation. I urge you to either create one or link to one. There is one available on my blog called the frequent sinner card or you could link to something like the two ways to live presentation:

    Please do this – even thogh your website is not designed for outreach, but to support the Church in buying materials and donating.

    You need a big link on the page – non christians WILL GOOGLE the ad and find you site and be left questioning what it is all about and what they should do.

    Yes I know that you want the local churches websites to do this work but your site must do it as well.


    Daniel Chapman

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