Six Steps Update – week 3 – PRAY

Posted: August 21, 2007 by Daniel in Christianity, encouragement, evangelism, get equipped, reformed, religions and beliefs, resources, theology

question markWhat a great study today, once again. Texts were Titus 3:3-8, 1 Corinthians 3:5-9 and Acts 4:8-31. All about prayer in evangelism, God’s role in the person of the Holy Spirit and our role as announcers of the gospel.

We had a young christian in our group who missed last week’s study on the basics of the gospel, so we got into a few areas of fundamental doctrine. Lots and lots of questions, followed by our best efforts to explain things like election and the trinity, and how repentance is not a work that leads to our salvation but a response to what Jesus has done.

Bet you wish you were there to help!!!!! I was really glad I had listened to the sermon Daniel posted about regarding reformed evangelism on the 19th of June (free mp3 download, listen now!). It was really helpful to me in understanding some of the nitty gritty of the Calvinist viewpoint. The doctrine of salvation by grace alone through faith alone is wonderful in both its simplicity and complexity. I encourage you to get as equipped as you are able to answer any and all questions and objections that come your way. I’ve found podcasts hugely helpful as well in getting to grips with some basic theological issues.

It encourages other saints when we are able to help those who are struggling to understand the faith, so it is important to do it. You are also a lot more likely to start a conversation on spiritual topics with a non-believer if you feel that you are ready to handle whatever turns the conversation may take. Let’s face it, there are times when running away isn’t an option (eg in a moving vehicle or on a plane), so it’s better just to be ready to answer the questions. There really aren’t all that many different objections that will get thrown your way.

It glorifies God when we preach the gospel and love one another enough to help in understanding doctrines. It also helps us to grow spiritually when we take the time to learn and understand more about our awesome God. Win win win.


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