Walk up Evangelism

Posted: September 7, 2007 by Daniel in Christianity, evangelism, get equipped, resources, street evangelism

Ever dreamt of walking up to a stranger, striking up a conversation and then sharing the gospel with them? It is a surprisingly fearful, but tremendously important work that many Christians can get involved in. MTS is an Australian organisation that trains up evangelists in this work. They have a very sound article that serves as a great introductory ‘how to’ guide. Check it out if you dare!

  1. In re-reading this article I was impressed with point about sharing the gospel early in the conversation. This would of course be after building a little bit of rapport, but it is a new idea for me to share the gospel at the start of the spiritual conversation. I normally hold off till I have made sure the person understands the terrible situation they are in without Christ as their Saviour and Lord.

    MTS’s idea of giving it early would not necessarily mean that we skip the use of the law; the advantage of doing this would be that we get to keep going back over the gospel with the person and actually re-centring the conversation on the gospel as God’s wonderful gift to sinners.

    I am always up for a new challenge and always interested to learn how do do the work of an evangelist more effectively and biblically faithful.

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