evangelism humour

Posted: September 17, 2007 by Daniel in Christianity, evangelism, humour, religions and beliefs, retail evangelism

Angela and I thought that this was quite funny. It’s humorous because its not the right way to do evangelism – it was a bit sneaky. We hope that there was more than just information about hell on the tract!!

  1. That is a bit sneaky…but it made me laugh. Do you know who made that clip? The filming was high quality…is it a scene out of a movie?

  2. Hi Nath good to hear from you. Checked your blog – looks good. The clip is from Gilmore Girls.

  3. Daniel Chapman, thanks, I’ve added you to my rss reader, so you should see me around here more often. Gilmore Girls eh…well that makes the clip even more amusing, and also explains the high quality. I was trying to think how someone could get the camera to pan through all the crowd like that without professional actors and equipment.

  4. Thanks for your support Nath.

    I have just been chuckling to myself about your ‘self centred’ worship mock ads (at least I hope they are fake):


    I have sung many of those songs in years gone by – it is no surprise to see someone highlight how much they are ‘about me’. I love songs that have good theology in them – so much popular worship stuff does not have it. If you are interested I’d encourage you to check out indelible grace (if you have not already). A really interesting ministry of carrying on the long tradition of ‘resetting’ hymns to a contemporary feel. http://www.igracemusic.com/

  5. Daniel Chapman, yeah they are fakes – although as you say, there are many many Christian’s who sing songs just like that.

    I’ve been told about IG before, and have enjoyed listening to some of their stuff online. I do plan on ordering some of their stuff but haven’t got around to it yet, so thanks for the recommendation and the reminder!

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