How lucky you are…

Posted: September 17, 2007 by Daniel in evangelism

Have you ever thought how lucky you are to be able to view this site? I was just chatting to a friend who teaches at an international school in Shanghai, and she can’t access the links in the comments on Daniel’s humour post (see below and go to the comments) because they are blocked.


And now her connection seems to be down (again). Makes you think. Or at least it should!


Praise God that we are free to evangelize! Let’s make the most of it while the freedom lasts. By the way, don’t try to hand out tracts in any of the malls or parks in Launceston, Tasmania because that’s not allowed, and neither are standing on a box talking loudly (i.e. street preaching) or approaching people you don’t know if you have a religious agenda of any kind (that’s parks or malls, the man from the council wasn’t sure about streets, but he would rather we didn’t thanks very much).


Visit while you still can!!!!!!!!!!

  1. billphillips says:

    A lot of times, people in authority will tell you something, hoping you’ll be intimidated, or they’re just ignorant of what the law really is. According to a court case in South Carolina, all Americans have the right to “loud and boisterous religous harangue” in public places.

    I know very little of Australian law, but the limitations that guy is espousing don’t sound right to me. Maybe there are some Christian pro-bono type lawyers there that would help you out.


  2. georgiearm says:

    Thanks Bill, I tend to agree that the council guys was probably stretching the actual laws to accommodate his own views. We will definitely get our hands on some concrete rulings one way or the other.

  3. We are very lucky. I have been in China before, and while it does not seem so strict in some areas, certain sites are blocked.

    Please check out my website and listen to the message I have posted!
    In fact, please check it out regularly- it would be very encouraging to me to know that my work is not wasted. Spread the word!

    God bless Evangelism Action and all of you.

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