Gift of the Gospel "the question of ultimate importance"

Posted: November 25, 2007 by Daniel in apologetics, Christianity, evangelism, evangelistic message, Jesus, know the gospel


Here is the question of ultimate importance!

Who is Jesus?

Is he the promised one that He claims to be?

Is he the anointed One of God that has come to liberate those in spiritual bondage?

Is he the Son of God?


is he just Joesph’s son?

Is he just a teacher with eloquent comforting words?

You know what, that’s the question each of us faces…

There’s no more important question that we could ask!


Don’t let ignorance or prejudgment or something that you have heard from someone else keep you from seeing Jesus Christ for who He really is.

Maybe you are someone who has learned all about Jesus since you were a child.Maybe you grew up, you grew up learning all the stories, you know all the right answers, you have attended Sunday school for as long as you can remember, but here is the question:

“Do you clearly see the Saviour?”


Have you grown familiar?

So familiar that you are blinded to who he really is?

That you are no longer amazed?

How will YOU respond to Jesus Christ?

He said of Himself “He was the Saviour who had come to seek and save the lost”

HE said that “He came to lay down His life, to give up His life on the cross, as a substitute, so that all who would believe on Him would be forgiven”

Will you take Him on His word?

Will you believe?

How will you respond?


Will you join the crowd?

Like that crowd in Nazareth who drove him out of town?

That sort to push Him away?

That refused the salvation that He brought because it is not on your terms?


Will you follow after Him as He walks down the road?

Will you follow after Him and humbly say to Him:

“Jesus I am one of those captives that needs to be set free”

“I am one of those oppressed people that needs liberation”

“I am one of the spiritually poor that needs your good news”

Are you willing to acknowledge that you are lost and you need to be found?

or will you let Him walk away…



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