Promoting the gospel (repost from Nathan Hill)

Posted: July 19, 2009 by Daniel in evangelism

By Nathan a while ago:

I have recently finished reading a book by John Dickson called Promoting the Gospel: The whole of life for the cause of Christ (2005, Aquila Press, Sydney).  It is a fresh look at evangelism in the modern Australian context.  It is also a challenge to make the entire life of the Christian one of commitment to Christ’s mission to save the lost.  Included are some of the following chapter headings:

Following the friend of sinners: The missionary mind of the ordinary Christian

The hidden mission: Promoting the gospel with our prayers

Partners for life: Promoting the gospel with our money

Being the light of the world: Promoting the gospel through works of the church

Being beautiful: Promoting the gospel through Christian behaviour

Heralds together: Promoting the gospel through our public praise

… and so on

Dickson does not back away from the importance of proclaiming the gospel.  However, he does have an interesting chapter on evangelists as mentioned by Paul in Ephesians 4:11.  Briefly speaking, he argues that some people have the job of specifically doing evangelism, that is, declaring the gospel to people who have not heard it.


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