$1k evangelism grant

Posted: August 2, 2009 by Daniel in Uncategorized

There are $1,000 grants for evangelism in Tasmania via Vision 100. have a quick read of this and discuss ideas here on the blog. Here are some inital ideas.

  • spend it all on printing some sweet gospel tracts, then go out on the street and hand them out.
  • set up a voip call centre for a 6-12 month period in a central location and make a roster for evangelist to do random call-up evangelism to Tasmanian residential numbers (it is legal for non-profits to do)
  • Pay me (or someone) for 2 weeks of full time walkup 9-5pm.

Ok, probably only the first suggestion is reasonably conventional and acceptable. What do you think? I have asked the rest of the blog team to comment here on this one, but would like to get some replies and ideas from every reader too.

  1. Josh says:

    sounds good Dan – maybe thousands of tracts from Vista print.

    • Daniel says:

      🙂 yep. I think that would be a good use of money. Then its just a matter of getting them out to people in lots and lots of walk-up and/or corner handout. Its easy to go through a ton in an hour outside the gates at Christmas carols or other events.

  2. pyropenguin says:

    yes. the custom made bulk tracts is the best idea with the most outreach.
    there could be some custom make tracts for some up comming tasmania events.
    eg. a motorbike looking tract for the superx in oct. where 13000 people will be at in lonie.
    eg. agfest tract
    eg. some big silverdome show

    • Daniel says:

      cool. yeah that is the best idea for us. I will put forth the idea that we should design and publish some more tracts and then distribute them. Events could be good because it could be a way of mobilising people for a one time commitment.

      • Angela says:

        All good ideas. Hitting big events with tracts is a good way to get coverage. I suppose footy season will be over by the time we got up and going?

  3. pyropenguin says:

    what is the normal cost of printing a tract when done by the thousand?

  4. Mikey Lynch says:

    Dude, thanks for applying for one of these grants! Great to discover this blog and all your energy. I’ll be up in Launie this Friday night to speak at BOOST (http://www.facebook.com/s.php?k=200000010&n=-1&init=s%3Agroup&q=boost#/event.php?eid=106172354285) perhaps will see some of you there? Would be great to meet you some time.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks Mikey. I have also read a bit of your blog 🙂 . Unfortunately I’m a bit too old and grumpy for boost. I heard u preach at The Branch a few weeks ago; was very good (except u need a radio/headset mic. *tech note)

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