Evangelsim defined: telling the truth to sinners

Posted: August 8, 2009 by Daniel in Uncategorized

Evangelism is always the presentating of the Gospel to sinners. A resulting converstion is never determined by an evangelist’s persuasiveness, talent, arguements or charisma. The salvation of a spiritually dead sinner is the work of God alone.

To return to the basic defining idea of what evangelism is, it should be observed that evangelism is to be defined as the setting forth of the good news of the Gospel of Christ, and not on the basis of the results of that proclamation. Very simply stated, evangelism involves the telling of the truth about the Gospel to sinners. There are many elements that may be included in this statement of the truth, such as, the Bible view of God, our need of a Saviour due to our sinfulness, and the saving work of our Lord. A study of the presentations of the Gospel by Jesus and the apostles will reveal that there is no stereotyped form in which this Gospel was presented. In each case there is variety as to the specific content set forth, and in the way in which it was done. This will come out more clearly as biblical examples are considered.

Morton Smith.


  1. Luke says:

    Are you guys coming to Challenge Conference this year?
    I reckon you’d love it. You’ll meet a lot of like minded people.
    Here’s the Facebook event, if you’re into FB:

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks Luke. Yes, I am planning to attend for 1 day. Josh is planning to do the whole event, Angela is interstate and I’m not sure about Georgie and I don’t think Scott knows about it yet.
      (will send him an invite now u reminded me)

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