What is the Geneva Push?

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What is ‘the Geneva Push’ and ‘in the chute’?

The Geneva Push is a network aimed at helping to raise up  a generation of church planters, who will evangelise new churches into existence across Australia. Our aim is to support exisiting church planters, and networks and denominations, as well as assess potential church planters and help them get started. We already have interest from a number of denominations, and FIEC and other independents.

We will supply coaching for planters by linking new planters up with those who are a few years ahead of the in new churces. We’ll provide the opportunity to speak to other church planters, online and in person. We’ll negotiate with Bible colleges to get the best  training options available. We’ll also run specific training days in different states.

Put Simply – The Geneva Push is about raising up a generation of Church Planters, who will evangelise new churches into existence across Australia.

‘In the Chute’ conference ( Registraion-  www.thegenevapush.com/registration)
Monday December 7th (start 2pm) to Wed. December 9th (finish after lunch)

We have at least 3 goals for the ‘in the chute’ conference in December,

1.    To equip and encourage church planters,

We’ll have Bible input  each day (Al Stewart on 1 Timothy).

Mark  Dever from Capitol Hill Baptist1 – Washington – will speak on the issue of keeping focused on the main game and open up for an extended Q&A via video chat direct from Washington DC.   Mark has a huge breadth of experience to tap into. 1{http://www.capitolhillbaptist.org/ and 9 Marks minstry  http://www.9marks.org/}

Brigadier Jim Wallace, former head of the Australian SAS will speak to us on “Leadership lessons from the Special Forces”. Planters from around Australia will share a wealth of wisdom and be available all conference to milk for tips and help. Get networked! We’ll have panel time with a variety of Australian planters on how to get started and build your initial core group.

Paul Dale (church by the bridge – Kirribilli  http://www.cbtb.org.au/ ) will speak on getting past the launch stage into building for growth – structures, strategies and lessons.

Wayne Pickford –(Church Army)  will run a seminar on “adopt-a-block” and lessons learned at Berkley near Port Kembla. Wayne has grown a vibrant ministry in a very tough area, very few people have been able to do this in Australia.

Andrew and Cathie Heard (central Coast Evangelical Church – www.ccec.com.au) will be running a seminar on how a marriage survives and grows through planting – a must for couples.
Other Electives will include – budgets and finances in the early stages; Look, feel and vibe in a church plant; maintaining a missional focus, etc.

2. Assessment of potential Church planters..
During ‘In –the –chute’ we’ll also be assessing people as church planters. The assessment process has been adapted with permission from  Acts 29, and involves submitting questionnaires, documents and a sermon before hand. Potential planters (usually couples) will be interviewed by a team of people experienced in ministry, and then advised on how to proceed.
You can register to be assessed as you register for In –the –chute.

3.    Launch the Geneva Network….

‘In the Chute’ will  also the opportunity to be involved in the Launch of “The Geneva Push.” We are aiming to build a network of church planters who will encourage each other, share info and ideas. And above all…. Get on with it!


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