Australia, your Idol for 2009 is….

Posted: October 31, 2009 by Daniel in Uncategorized

 Academy Award Winner, By Dave BOK, the Australian Idol voting lines are now closed, including SMS (sadly, I didn’t get any SMS votes.) So now it is time to announce this year’s winner. After much consideration and careful thought, i am pleased (displeased) to announce that the Australian Idol of the year is……… Approval!

It’s so exciting that Approval has won. It comes as no surprise really. He is gregarious and relentlessly impresses others with his charm. He was the hot favorite, being continually served by millions of Australians who love him above all else. When Approval heard the news in the dressing room that He had won, the first thing he did was to write the news on his Facebook profile. He has expressed how sad he feels that Pleasure and Possessions didn’t win, but said that they will all remain special friends, and that this competition has helped them grow closer together.

OK, well on a serious note, I thought that this comment from Al was on target:

I reckon that most of us are incredibly insecure which means that our default idol is others approval which is why we spend so much time losing weight, spending money on clothes, earning money, building houses, lying, being perfectionistic. Often it’s the approval of a parent or spouse or church or peers. But we so desperately need to be OK about who we are that we will do anything to have others tell us that we are.

So, approval is a dominant idol to consider, both for a warning in our own lives, and when we are seeking a way to show just how different Jesus is that anything else that people are serving.


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