Critique the beliefs of others

Posted: November 7, 2009 by Daniel in Uncategorized

true_colorsI thought this was well put. It is part of the article by MP Jensen I have just read.

…It is quite appropriate for us to question others as to what they believe and as to whether that stacks up to the criteria of truth—is it internally coherent and does it stack up with reality. Likewise, is that belief really working in life? Does it produce what it promises? For example, how do they know that reincarnation is true? Can they really trust themselves to be the ultimate arbiters of morality? How can they say that all religions are basically the same without violating them all? Is there really no truth? Has science really proved religion wrong? Where exactly? Where in the Bible does it condone slavery?

Sometimes we are too polite and refrain from offering contradictions. It is worth calling people’s bluff on their assertions about Christianity and religious truth in general. Often their ignorance is exposed! Get them to do some apologetics for a change… Francis Schaeffer spoke of creating a “climate of uncertainty” for the unbeliever.


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