Soverignty and Evangelism

Posted: April 7, 2011 by Daniel in Uncategorized

“A sovereign command of God which comes to everyone who hears the gospel is the command to believe in Christ. The truth that no one can believe unless God draws him by the irresistible grace of the Holy Spirit (John 6:44) does not detract an iota from the binding force of that command. Nor is there anything unreasonable about that command. For God to require of man to do something which he could not do as he came forth from the hands of the Creator, as for instance, to alter the orbit of the earth around the sun, would indeed be unreasonable, and unjust, too. But when God requires of man that he put his trust in God, He demands only what man was able to do originally. Although man in his fallen state no longer has that ability, he alone is to blame for its loss. God’s right is not affected. So the sinner must believe, or he will perish everlastingly. What an incentive for issuing that command to the lost!”

RB Kuiper, God-centred Evangelism p. 182


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