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You know you've got slack when……

Posted: January 2, 2007 by Daniel in difficulties

SlackThis morning, when having breakfast with my family, right out of the blue my almost 2yo daughter asked, “Where’s Way of the Master gone?”

My wife and I thought it was very funny, she is getting very smart and doesn’t miss a trick. It was, however, a wake up call to me too. I have been thinking for a while that I have not been using my holidays to the fullest of my ability to witness but I have just been enjoying relaxing at home. I’ts time for me to get back out there. While I’m typing this I’m listening to an episode. I want to go and do some witnessing today. I’ll let you know how I go this evening.

Keep a tract handy

Posted: November 28, 2006 by Daniel in get equipped, tracts

On the way to a prayer meeting this morning a guy circled the round about that I was walking across and stopped and gave me the paper to drop in to the staff room. I said thanks and then quickly demonstrated a gospel tract to him which I pulled out of the leg pocket of my cargo shorts.

Evangelism tip – always carry a couple of tracts – don’t stress out about having one hundred on you, just a couple in your pocket. They say that a good sign that you have become an evangelist is when your wife complains about all the coloured paper in the washing. This has happened to me more than once.

The best place to get tracts in Australia is on the net: www.wayofthemaster.com.au and go to the store – transactions are by credit card and delivery is very swift

Evangelism at Church

Posted: November 26, 2006 by Daniel in witness encounters

Just got home from Church. Have you ever considered sharing the law and good news to people in your Church? Today I took up a wonderful opportunity to talk to a couple up the back at the end of church. They had their bags in hand and were keen to get going when I stopped them. When they said that they were not Christians, I quickly went through the good test and showed them their need for righteousness on Judgement Day. They were going though Christianity Explained with my pastor but appreciated what I had to tell them. I later spoke with my pastor and he encouraged me to keep on evangelising.

In another conversation with a man I had an opportunity to share the gospel in some depth. He did not believe in God but came along to Church each week to support his wife. I was able to pick up on this in his answers to my questions and use some analogies to show him that to have a creation there must be a creator. We also discussed the evidence of his conscience – God’s law was written on his heart and he knew right from wrong. Please pray for this guy (whom I have not named) that God will help him see the truth of the Gospel and be able to respond in repentance and faith. Also pray for the new couple that heard both a top message about Christianity from the pastor today and a gospel presentation from me.

SO there you go – be encouraged to go a little deeper with people in your church. Don’t assume that they are already Christians. They might just be sitting there waiting for someone to tell them the gospel or answer their objections. If you haven’t done any evangelism for a while this could be a great place to start.

Evangelism Reflection by Daniel Chapman 

I have been out this evening with my wife at an awards function and we had the opportunity(took the opportunity) to witness to 2 people. The first was an elderly lady (pushing 60) who turned out to be a Christian already. It was a bit nerve wracking for me to swing it into Christianity but I just had to do it when she started talking about good people and bad people (my ears pricked up -> a good segue was at hand). After a bit of a discussion and inquiry about her Christian background I concluded that the lady was already in Christ and we encouraged each other.

After the big award for the evening was dealt out we met another woman in social chit chat- she was an old school friend of my wife and a successful local politician (ex. Mayor). She had a nice conversation with my wife and I joined in some of the time. Then, all of a sudden, when the conversation lagged (the new woman was a fast talker) I smashed in with the question. “Do you have a Christian Background?” She was very polite and said that she wasn’t a Christian but had talked with some pastors of a leading Christian group in the city as part of her political role

My wife and I took her through the good test. She had never lied or stolen in her life (that she can remember) but had blasphemed and committed adultery of the heart. She still, however, thought that she was a good person and could not understand that God had a standard of goodness that was different from her own. In fact, being a good person seemed to be particularly important to this woman, and very much a part of her philosophy. To think badly of herself might have been too much of a shift for her. I let her know that our greatest need was righteousness. We encouraged her to get a bible and read it.

Reflection on same encounter by Angela Chapman

This is what I took away from our evangelism efforts of last night (see Daniel’s post for the 23rd). Our second witnessing encounter, with a lady I didn’t actually go to school with, but knew through activities we shared outside of the education system, left me incredibly saddened. To hear someone who has just been invited to look into the mirror of God’s perfect law and assess their condition admit to being a sinner is always a good start. But to then hear them consider the outcome on judgement day and conclude something along the lines of “I still think I’m a really good person and I’ll be happy to face God on judgement day and if He judges me according to the commandments I still think He’ll agree I’m good…” is a bit heartbreaking. I mean, what a huge gamble! What could we do except try and get her to read a bible and find out who this God is and what He is like and what He requires of mankind? She was still not ready to hear the gospel, still totally proud and self-righteous.

We trust that our God is more than big enough to use our puny efforts to break through a little and follow up with more of His divine plan. Please pray!

Words of Cheer from Spurgeon

Posted: October 3, 2006 by Daniel in encouragement

“Go on Christian for this is your promise, “He will put strenght in me.”

“Weak, though I am,
Yet through his might,
I all things can perform.”

Go on. Dread not God’s power, but rejoice at this: He will put His strenght in you. He will not use His power to crush you.”

Obstacles to Evangelism: Work!

Posted: September 26, 2006 by Daniel in Christianity, difficulties

Back at work now after 2 weeks of holidays. In my break I had a great opportunity to do evangelism. I think the beauty of holidays is that you don’t have to worry about a whole lot of other stuff. That has now changed. I am finding evangelism difficult now for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I have hardly any spare time. It’s now 8:30pm and I am putting in this blog entry (first chance in last couple of days) but there is still stuff I could be doing instead. Secondly, I am finding it difficult to switch mindsets from High School teaching to evangelism. This sounds weird, but my job requires a lot of concentration and thought and it takes a while to come out of that mindset and start thinking about the lost around you. This second point is only subtle but I think its a bit of an obstacle. The main problem is just not having free time anymore.

My plan is to try and be ready for opportunities in and after school and not get completely sucked into work thinking. If I am honest, my weekdays do present me with the occasional opportunity. Also, I still have my weekends. Hopefully I can fit in an hour or so of intentional street evangelism – or maybe some open air preaching at these times.

I will let you know how I go with these new adjustments. It will probably mean a bit of slowing down on my blog too.

All the Spurgeon you will ever need

Posted: September 24, 2006 by Daniel in get equipped

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Check out the Spurgeon Archive if you have not done so already. He was know for his sound puritan doctrines and eloquent use of language.

This website seems particularly impressive. I holds a expansive collection of his prolific writing.

I am reading one of his sermons at the moment about the purpose and use of the Law. It’s very good.

Check out WOTM Radio podcast: 19th September 2006: hour 2. Ray has an over the phone interview with an Australian in New York.

Ray did an awesome job relating to the guy and switched to the spiritual really well, but the Aussie, James, showed his hard heart. It was just so typical of an Australian and is well worth checking out. www.wayofthemasterradio.com/podcast

Free Willy!

Posted: September 20, 2006 by Daniel in reformed, theology

Just read this today about reformed faith and evangelism:

“It is the doctrine of free will …that destroys evangelism. The teaching that God loves all men simply reassures sinners that all is well with them. The idea that Christ died for them only confirms them in the mistaken notion that their situation is not desperate. To say that they have the critical choice in their own salvation – that God depends upon and is waiting for them – just establishes them in their rebellion against God and teaches them that they are as gods! It does nothing for the salvation of lost sinners!” Rev. Ronald Hanko

Interesting, the doctrine of free will was brought up by the dude and his wife that I witnessed to on the weekend. If I had read this before then it could have given me a good response. God is not obliged to rescue anyone. He choses who he will save, because doing so brings him glory!
I think I need to do a lot more study on the doctrine of free will…


[added @10pm: just found a massive source of teaching on free will — – http://www.monergism.com/thethreshold/articles/topic/freewill.html ]