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Ever read Spurgeon’s Soul Winner?

spurgeonExtract from chapter: How to win souls for Christ:

We win some souls to Christ by acting as witnesses. We stand up and testify for the Lord Jesus Christ concerning certain truths. Now, I have never had the great privilege of being bamboozled by a barrister. I have sometimes wondered what I should do if I were put into the witness-box to be examined and cross-examined. I think I should simply stand up, and tell the truth as far as I knew it, and should not make an attempt to display my wit, or my language, or my judgment. If I simply gave straightforward answers to his questions, I should beat any lawyer under heaven. But the difficulty is, that so often when a witness is put into the box, he is more conscious of himself than of what he has to say; therefore, he is soon worried, teased, and bored, and, by losing his temper, he fails to be a good witness for the cause. Now, you men in the open-air are often bamboozled; the devil’s barristers are sure to come to you, he has a great number of them constantly retained in his service. The one thing you have to do is to bear witness to the truth. If you enquire in your own mind, “How shall I answer this man cleverly, so as to get a victory over him?” you will not be wise. A witty answer is often a very proper thing; at the same time, a gracious answer is better. Try to say to yourself: “It does not, after all, matter whether that man proves me to be a fool or not, for I know that already I am content to be thought a fool for Christ’s sake, and not to care about my reputation. I have to bear witness to what I know, and by the help of God I will do so right boldly. If the interrupter questions me about other things, I shall tell him that I do not come to bear witness about other matters, but this one thing I do. To one point I will speak, and to no other.”


I am still a big time sookielala (wimp) when it comes to the one on one, street evangelicalism so I am sticking with the tract depositing by stealth.

However even depositing tracts by stealth still comes with its pit falls, challenges, fears, worries and problems!!!


Had a great chat with John on the phone just now. He was very kind and warm to talk to.

We discusses the ‘Christ died for you’ thing and the ‘God loves you’ thing in some detail.

John said that a really good DVD on the gospel was David Pawson’s
True God true gospel

In discussing the love thing John said that there is no example of people saying ‘God loves you’ in the bible and that it is not biblical to do so in evangelism.

He referenced psalm 5v5 and 7v11: God has perfect love toward the righteous and perfect hate towards sinners. It is not biblical to say ‘God hates your sin, but loves the sinner’. Actions display who you are – actions are who you are – a tree produces certain fruit.

We discussed the atonement and how we can be faithful in declaring the work of Christ on the cross for sinners. John said that he would study further on the truthfulness of telling those he is witnessing to “Christ died for sinners/his sheep/his people,” instead of ‘Christ died for your sins,” or “Christ died for you on a cross 2000 years ago.”


I am skipping through a MacArthur sermon that I downloaded from field preacher and want to share some of his points. What did Christ say when he evangelised?  MacArthur sums up Chist’s message of Luke 13 v 23-26 in 4 points. He says that gospel work is telling people the gospel of Christ and begging them to respond. Christ did it like this:

  1. exertion

    v24. Calling sinners to spiritual exertion. It’s irrelevant how many will be saved – just make sure you are one of them! Strive to be saved: Deny yourself and follow Jesus. Are you serious yet? A cross is not a mystical experience – it’s where you die. Give yourself up completely. Self dies hard, Christ calls us to self denial, even self hatred. Complete repentance – James 4v6-10. Do we evangelise like this?

  2. desperation

    v25-26. Calling sinners to a sense of temporal desperation. You must be willing to give up everything apart from God’s will. You don’t know when you will die – don’t postpone it! We are living on borrowed time. Do we tell people this in our evangelism? Christ will come at a time we don’t expect. Don’t show up at God’s throne if you have not settled it! There is a reality of being shut out.

  3. transformation

    v27. Inviting sinners to a genuine transformation. True salvation transforms us to obedient people. We have a new character and new nature and desires to please God. Are we characteristically evil people? As Christians this should not be. Does our evangelism message teach people about the requirement of righteous; living with a new heart.

  4. perception

    v28. Culminating evangelism with an eternal perception. Saved from hell! Trouble may come in this life, but what counts is our eternal destination. Almost all of the people who heard Jesus teach went to hell. “Hell is about remorse, expressed in tears and teeth grinding agony, realising that others are enjoying heaven”.

 “This sort of evangelism will drive people away!” Check out Jesus preaching in Luke Chapter 12. Gentiles would be in heaven when those Jews would be in hell. Gentiles will be equal with Jews in the kingodm. Luke 13 v29

 Luke 13 v34 – 35 It was heart breaking stuff for Jesus to say.

Getting back to the task

Posted: September 14, 2006 by Daniel in difficulties, open air preaching


The challenge of evangelism – love of our own comfort; love of a good report from others; love of reputation. All this can easily be overcome by love for God (connected to the fear of God). Are we truly grateful for all that the Lord has done for us in His choosing and redeeming action? Thank you Lord for the cross – you died that those who repent and believe may be justified and counted righteous, where there was no chance of ever being such. You have done this for me. Thank you God.

Thanks God for all you are continuting to do.

I want to get back into it. Last December/January I was on to it most serverly, even so to the point of doing open air evangelism on a beach to groups of sunbathers. Then I got a job Teaching @ a High School and moved into Launceston from Scottsdale and (for some reason that is not clear) ended up pulling back from making opportunities and taking opportunities. Well I am on holidays now and it is a good time to refresh and refocus my evangelism efforts.
Tasks to get me going:

  • I will be re-watching The Way of the Master series and taking time to get out there and do it. This blog should encourage you if you have got slack about it too. Just do something.

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