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3 years New Testament soak

Posted: January 15, 2011 by Daniel in Uncategorized

I devised this plan from MaCarthur’s suggestions found in this short talk –
There are to parts to each day’s reading, walking through the OT chronologically and soaking in the NT. My plan will take 3 years, but it should be very enriching, as the repetition and prayerful application will make a real difference.

A.) follow a daily Chronological plan of OT reading; 3-4 chapters a day.

B.) 7 NT chapters repeated daily for month:
Jan John 1-7
Feb John 8-14
March John 15-21
April Matthew 1-7
May Matthew 8-14
June Matthew 15-21
July Matthew 22-28
August Mark 1-8
September Mark 9-16
October Luke 1-8
November Luke 9-16
December Luke 17-24

Jan Acts 1-7
Feb Acts 8-14
March Acts 15-21
April Acts 22-28
May Romans 1-8
June Romans 9-16
July 1 Cor 1-8
August 1 Cor 9-16
September 2 Cor 1-7
October 2 Cor 8-13
November Galatians 1-6
December Ephesians 1-6

Jan Philippians 1-4 Colossians 1-4
Feb 1 Thessalonians 1-5, 2 Thessalonians 1-3
March 1 Timothy 1-6
April 2 Timothy 1-4, Titus 1-3
May Philemon 1, Hebrews 1-6
June Hebrews 7-13
July James 1-5, Jude 1
August 1 and 2 Peter
September 1, 2 & 3 John
October Revelation 1-7
November Revelation 8-15
December Revelation 16-22

I hope that this study that I have written, based on the video by Kel Richards and Phillip Jensen, is a useful evangelism training resource. It is available here for download and printing for use in personal study and study groups. If you follow the video to Vimeo, you can also download the complete video there as an mp4, and with a bit of cunning, turn it in to a DVD.

OK, so the plan is; pray; watch the video; pray; go through the study guide and discuss implications and applications of texts and ideas; pray; go live a life of an evangelist

Here is the study guide: Evangelism: are we all involved. pdf

And here is the video:

Bible study prep

Posted: November 7, 2009 by Daniel in Uncategorized
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writing bible study based on/extending Phillip Jansen and Kel Richard’s interview, Evangelism: are we all involved? I hope to publish it here for others to benefit too.