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Scripture plainly taught

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Matthew Henry on 1 Corinthians 14:15-25

There can be no assent to prayers that are not understood. A truly Christian minister will seek much more to do spiritual good to men’s souls, than to get the greatest applause to himself. This is proving himself the servant of Christ. Children are apt to be struck with novelty; but do not act like them. Christians should be like children, void of guile and malice; yet they should not be unskilful as to the word of righteousness, but only as to the arts of mischief. It is a proof that a people are forsaken of God, when he gives them up to the rule of those who teach them to worship in another language. They can never be benefitted by such teaching. Yet thus the preachers did who delivered their instructions in an unknown tongue. Would it not make Christianity ridiculous to a heathen, to hear the ministers pray or preach in a language which neither he nor the assembly understood? But if those who minister, plainly interpret Scripture, or preach the great truths and rules of the gospel, a heathen or unlearned person might become a convert to Christianity. His conscience might be touched, the secrets of his heart might be revealed to him, and so he might be brought to confess his guilt, and to own that God was present in the assembly. Scripture truth, plainly and duly taught, has a wonderful power to awaken the conscience and touch the heart.


Make your own Church?

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So if you have told someone the gospel, and they’ve responded by becoming Christian, you may already have accidentally planted a ‘church’. After all, it only takes two or three to constitute a church, and when it meets, Jesus is there in the midst (Matt 18:20). Now, having planted a church is not a cause for panic. Rather, praise God and keep at it! Keep meeting with your church and teaching him or her the Bible, as this is the only way God uses to ensure that it will endure to judgement day.

If this sounds simple, it is. The only equipment required for church planting is the gospel (supplied by God) and a mouth to speak it with. If you care to compare it with terrorism, it is considerably easier and cheaper to achieve, and it has more powerful results and longer lasting (i.e. eternal) consequences.

Extract from Firing up for evangelism

I hope that this study that I have written, based on the video by Kel Richards and Phillip Jensen, is a useful evangelism training resource. It is available here for download and printing for use in personal study and study groups. If you follow the video to Vimeo, you can also download the complete video there as an mp4, and with a bit of cunning, turn it in to a DVD.

OK, so the plan is; pray; watch the video; pray; go through the study guide and discuss implications and applications of texts and ideas; pray; go live a life of an evangelist

Here is the study guide: Evangelism: are we all involved. pdf

And here is the video:

Bible study prep

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writing bible study based on/extending Phillip Jansen and Kel Richard’s interview, Evangelism: are we all involved? I hope to publish it here for others to benefit too.

Also, if your in Northern Tas, remember …

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Also, if you’re in Northern Tas, remember that 11th Hour is on this coming Thursday (5th Nov) @7pm


Are you inspired to take a non-Christian friend through a course that explains the gospel? There are a few options on the market (in a range of formats) that help introduce the essentials of the Christian faith to those that are wanting to know more. I desire to share with you a set of short, challenging Bible studies from Grace Church, including the following topics:

To check it out, visit the Christian Basics website where the entire study may be downloaded. Can you think of someone whom you could take through a course like this?

You can subscribe, assent or intellectually attach to a creed.  But a gospel is a message and it must be told.  We’ve been given a gospel, a message that is intended to be communicated to everyone.  That’s what Jesus said.  Yes we have creeds to govern the truth of that message but the essential thing is the message (truthfully held) and the continued proclamation of that message.  In the end our effectiveness as gospel bearers comes down to two main criteria: BELIEF and VALUE.  Let me explain.

It’s been raining a lot lately so let’s use rain as the analogy.  When it’s cloudy, the weather forecast says it’s going to rain and you start to feel the first few drops on your nose ( I think mine must stick out a way cause that’s where I usually feel it first) you believe it’s going to rain.  Your BELIEF is so strong that it causes you to act according to what you VALUE.  You value the dry clothes on the washing line so you bring them in off the line.  You value the upholstery in your car so you shut the windows.  If you’ve missed the rain for such a long time and it’s breaking the drought then you’ll probably go out in it and let it soak you to the skin (praise God for the rain).  You BELIEVE that it will rain, you BELIEVE that it is raining and you act on that BELIEF according to what you VALUE.

So back to the gospel.  The message that came to you.  God’s revelation of His purposes, His attitude and your only hope.  Let’s be more specific.  God told you that He is going to make it rain.  The storm is brewing.  The rain is judgement, fire and hell.  Devastating rain.  Jesus presents himself as the only fire proof umbrella, the only hope for you or anyone and you say you believe.  I say I believe.  But do I really believe?  Does it make you act on behalf of the things that you value?  Does it make you get out of your comfort zone and bring that message of  judgement and salvation to the sea of souls drowning all around you?  Does it make me pray about my neighbours, my family, my friends, my country, my leaders and ask for opportunities to tell them the message – to pass on the gospel?  Or do my actions prove what I really believe and value.  Does my obsession with what people think of me govern my words, the way I dress, who I hang out with?  Does my addiction to pleasure whether sinful or legitimate make me choose fun over edification and evangelism?  Does my insatiable appetite for comfort, security and ease drive me to spend every waking moment thinking how I might turn this conversation, or this activity or this person into another part of my ever expanding kingdom when really I should be thinking how I might turn all these opportunities to the service of my King Jesus.

What do you believe?   What do you value?

What are you going to do about it?

May we be humbled by God to see the weakness of our belief – the amazing grace of our saviour and the pressing needs of  everyone who has not heard the gospel.  It’s the most important message and if we believe it’s true, we need to tell it to those we value.