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Question the question

Posted: December 27, 2007 by Daniel in evangelism
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I heard this from a pastor in my local town earlier this year and thought I’d pass it on. 

Sometimes when discussing Christianity with someone you will find they have many unfounded “questions” or not very well thought through convictions about God and stuff.  For example, “hasn’t science disproved the existence of God?”. 

Here is a simple but very helpful three step guide to (gently and respectfully – 1 Peter 3:15) expose the presumptuous nature of many of the common convictions that people think they believe:

 1. Ask, What do you mean? This forces the person to clarify what they may not really know or understand about their objection.  If they begin to answer this question…

2. Ask, How did you come to that conclusion? This basically asks for some evidence for their assumption.  If they have some “evidence”…

3. Challenge the evidence.  I’ve found that if the conversation gets to this point, they usually have fairly lousy evidence for their claims.  If necessary (and if you’re able) continue to refute their “evidence”.  However, it’s now time to tell them the bad news about their sin, God’s judgement and eternal hellfire, and then the good news about Jesus’ death on the cross, sin being justly dealt with and Jesus’ resurrection guaranteeing eternal life.